Open(ing) Up

Hello and welcome to Eagle Eye! My name is Augie and since I was a young teenager I’ve been photographing my surroundings almost obsessively.

Now a resident of New York, my story began in Tampa, Florida, usually on Saturdays when my dad and I would go downtown. At the time the city was an empty shell of glass and brick outside normal business hours, with many old buildings – theatres, department stores, hotels – sitting silently, rotting away, some allowing weeds to break through their bricks and shattered windows. I was fascinated by these structures – who built them? Who came to work everyday here, or fantasized about saving enough money for that special item in the store? I could almost imagine the swinging of doors across the decades, Model T’s parked out front giving way to Packards, then Chevy’s, then Toyotas. I felt if I could capture the essecense of these buildings on camera, I may just capture their histories, too.

It’s a good thing I did, since most of those buildings are gone now. Torn down for parking lots, condos or slabs of concrete and glass.

As I take photos, they are often taken to capture a glimpse of what I see – the way the light shines just so, or how the tree branch arching over the bridge in the distance creates a beautiful visual balance. Often tied to these photos are an overall feeling or mood I might be in as well.

In advance of my first book being released – “Open Up” – I am here to sample you with some of these works. I should preface my work by saying that everything is taken on an iPhone – no fancy cameras, lenses, or schooling. Self-thought in style and editing. The photos here will go into detail of whatever I attribute to them, and I’ll give as much info as possible; not something I do in the book, where I felt it was best that the memories and the places captured best speak for themselves.

I hope you enjoy, and stick around for more.

– Augie




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