Perhaps a bit stereotypical- the image above – but perfect. Taken in June 2013 on my second trip to New York.

I had come to escape my life in Florida, having lost my dad four months prior. The whirlwind aftermath of his passing left me needing to recalibrate. My first trip to NYC had been the previous Fall and it was a short trip. So I figured, what a better place to be alone and find myself?

Everyone thought I was nuts – going to NY for privacy, and by myself – but it made perfect sense. It was here that I could really get lost, wander, think, and evaluate my place in life and the world. And that trip really did do just that.

Sometimes we look for opportunities, “doorways” so to speak. Sometimes they come to us. And when the time is right, you realise, you can be (and are) the doorway. You can open that door, or you can close it. It’s really up to you.


2 thoughts on “Gateways

  1. Actually, I love the idea of coming to NYC to be alone! People don’t realize how lonely it can be, and usually that’s a bad thing. But I love how you’ve used that to heal. And that shot never gets old! πŸ˜‰ – Lynn


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