Sunny days

Lido Beach, Sarasota, FL – April 2014

There’s perhaps a bit of over-inflection, self-indulgence here (Is that me? The nature of blogs? Both?) and definitely lots of memories. That’s because the photos here- and the photos in my book- are all very distinct memories. Some will mean more than others, sure, but they’re all a “snapshot” (pardon the pun!) of where I was in life when I took them. Most of these photos were taken between 2013 and the present, which just so happens to be the time in my life that has certainly been a roller coaster.

This photo, taken in Sarasota, is the representation of my favourite place in Florida. Maybe it’s because I didn’t grow up there. Maybe it’s because I would take happy, fun day trips with my parents there. It’s definitely the superb white sand, smooth and bright like a dry snow. The glittery jewels in the shop windows, wafts of baking fudge in the air, funky clothes and beet-red tourists make St. Armand’s a fun place to be.

This past Christmas I took a fabulous day trip with my mom there. We had the best day shopping, laughing, eating, walking until we were exhausted. Even though that’s more recent, I think this photo stands for that, too.

Happy days. Sunny days. Past, present & future.


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