Hi all!

My apologies for the lack of posting. Between Thanksgiving, business at work, and a last-minute move, I’ve been swamped.

My stress is your gain, however! I’m in a new neighbourhood with much to explore, see, eat and ponder. Not to mention the last few weeks have been a life “growth spurt”, all of which will result in more photos and musings!

I see I have a lot of new visitors- welcome! I hope you’ve enjoyed the previous posts and stick around for more.

My book, “Open Up”, is about done. I’ve gotten a beautiful proof print that satisfies all my hopes and dreams. It’s truly a tangible memory and so beautifully arranged by my dear friend Stephen ( Look out for an announcement soon for the release of the book available to purchase!

In the meantime, sit back, relax, open up… and let’s go on an adventure.


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