Keeping The Light On

Whoops, didn’t I mention that I was going to update more? My bad…

As we are in full Holiday Season swing, work gets crazier, lives get busier and we are all running around like crazy people, myself included. Between that and a recent illness I’ve been a bit tied up, but trust me – I am always snapping photos!

I really love the above photo. I took it a few weeks ago, not far from my new home, on a cold and beautiful day. This little guy, known as the ‘Little Red Lighthouse’, sits directly below the George Washington Bridge over the Hudson River. It may be low to the ground, and visually dwarfed by the bridge, but boy does this lighthouse have gorgeous views. Between the cliffs across the river (the Palisades), the pre-war apartment blocks high up the hill behind it, and a gorgeous silhouette of Manhattan straight down the river, its a nice spot to be. Fabulous, pronounced, but yes- awfully lonely (if don’t count all the people taking it’s photo!).

I’ll be heading back to the swampland (Central FL) for Christmas, so expect some tropical vistas coming your way very soon!

// Little Red Lighthouse, Washington Heights, Manhattan / December 2016


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