New York, New Year, New Beginnings

I found myself this afternoon having a lovely brunch with my room mate, Ben. We’d popped over to the Irish pub down the street for a well-needed bit of sustenance- although for different reasons, we had both been up much too late.

Its New Year’s Day and maybe it was the bright, cloudless New York sky, or the moderate winter day, or the fact that I spent the night with some very good friends, but it seems to me that 2017 already feels lighter. Fresh.

I understand time is a construct and one more tick on the calendar doesn’t necessarily make the difference, but I think it’s our perceptions that do. For instance, yesterday morning, I hadn’t quite felt like it was about to be a new year- just felt like another day, really. But by the time I was arriving in Astoria to meet friends, I felt the shift in the energy. The air felt different, people’s attitudes were different, and I could tell that ball drop was upon us.

So as the sun streamed through the pub window and into my eyes as I coloured the table seen above, like a five year old, I didn’t mind. I’m feeling a bit more positive today about the state of things, at least for now.

Heres to a great 2017, filled with love, adventures, friendship, and… PHOTOS!


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