I’ve always loved walking, and for many reasons. One of them being a great time to process ones’ thoughts and move through what’s on your mind- even if you’re doing this subconsciously.

Yesterday, I took a walk through the swirling snow to reach the gorgeous Ft Tryon Park, which I have the benefit of living near. As the snow clung to my hair and rosied my cheeks, I was stunned by the gorgeous sights. As a boy raised in Florida, snow is still fascinating to me, and I love the way it affects objects differently. The way it clings to a tree branch or piles onto a bench. I went crazy taking photos!

The walk was fun and I was happy. But deep down I must have been processing. As I showered this morning, the day after my walk, I thought and thought; reflected on my emotions and realized, I’m at peace. A peace very similar to the snow now, so still and rested upon every surface. As the snow settled amongst the city, so did the emotions in my heart and my mind. And as the snow melts, and life moves on, so do I.

// Ft Tryon Park, Upper Manhattan, NY. 7 January 2017


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