Keep Our Heads Up

On this ominous day I try to remember that there will always be a light. A light from the street in the subway; over our heads from a lamppost as we walk through the night; a neon sign under the pizza place; the hand to hold ours in moments of grief; a stranger to hold the door when you’re late; a partner to pick you up when you fall (in my case, literally!).

The darkness may increase. We may have that sinking feeling in our stomachs, or a rat scurry across our shoes, or people push against us. But the light will always be there.

I hope so much for the safety, dignity and respect of the women, minorities, and immigrants that I know. That includes myself. And when I say I hope, I suppose I really mean ‘I fear’. But I am trying to remain positive (however, not stupid, or naive). I don’t want to give into the fear, or base my thoughts from a place of lacking. That will be my continual struggle, however, as we enter a world most of us haven’t seen. But it’s a world, its circumstances, that the eldest of us have seen before.

Lets hope history doesn’t repeat.


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