Last weekend, I was scurrying amongst the low fog and misty streets of Philadelphia. My hometown – well, birthplace – and, with each trip, a place I am familiar with more and more.  I had just come from the Main Line, an affluent and historic area compromised of many small towns that make up Philadelphia’s western suburbs, where I was visiting my grandmother.

I had given her a copy of my book, ‘Open Up’, as a late birthday/Christmas present. (Side note- it’s very difficult to hold back your own tears when your grandmother is so happy and proud) We spent the day catching up, commiserating about politics, and discussing her rebellious streak- the same one that runs through my mother, and to a degree, myself. It was lovely.

So as I stroll through the mist, taking the time to find food and take some photos before my bus back to New York, I glanced down an alleyway rather quickly as passed it. It was enough of a glance to see a unique, cool shot, almost like from a film set (almost). I kept walking, not wanting to be that crazy person in the middle of the sidewalk photographing nothing. But then I said- fuck it, I liked it, I’m going back! I took the shot very quickly, and just in time, as a person strolled into view.

The above photo is what came out. As soon as I posted it on Instagram, it got many positive comments. And it got me thinking, what if I hadn’t taken it? And how many moments go undocumented? For the record, I know that sometimes, the best moments aren’t.

From there I got to thinking that I’ve been in New York awhile. At least it feels that way. Since Halloween 2014, I’ve been designing, and photographing; meeting people; eating fancy dinners, or crappy ones; strolling through parks; all the little things that make up life. Even something that is now two years ago- January 2015- seems not that long ago. But it’s been two years. What?!?!

So today I am taking a moment to treasure moments- past, present, and future. And I like to think my photos are just moments; whether it be of days I’ll remember or days I’ll forget, I have the photo to remind me. And perhaps I’ll see how far I have come, how quick the world can change, and how precious time really is.


// Philadelphia, 21 January 2017



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