Live, Work, Create

So goes the mantra of every young creative person here in New York City. This is one of my favourite photos featured in my book, ‘Open Up’, taken sometime in 2015 in that borderline area of Chelsea and Union Square. I remember crossing the street and seeing it, as it was prominently sitting on the corner. The bright red wall called to me, and I had to take a picture.

Since then, the words have sunk in a bit, and I think they make for a good mantra, applicable to myself and most of the people I know.

To create you must work, but you must also live. Aside from our daily grinds and paying bills and keeping commitments (oh wait, New Yorkers don’t do that), living is an essential part of creating. And I mean really living. Having new experiences, dating, making memories with friends, traveling, reveling in those special family moments; all of this is just a sampling of what we need to do. Not just for our art, or our work, or to blow off steam- but for our souls as well. Many people forget what it’s like to really live.

I have certainly forgotten at times. We all get caught up, lost in the motion of daily life. But these words stay on my wall to remind me to keep going, keep pushing, keep creating, and most of all.. to Open Up.


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