When You Were Young

Do you remember your childhood bedroom? I’d think most of us would, and even if you moved around a lot, I bet there is one house/room you had that you remember most fondly.

Growing up, this was my view. Overlooking the pond and the houses (once they were built), the view I had was quite tranquil. When I was younger and the developments weren’t as full, the light from the gas station sign down the street was visible, and cows moo’d into the night. Eventually that was replaced with houses whose lights dimmed early, sounds of dogs barking and kids screaming as they cannon-balled into pools- oh, and the sqwaking of our neighbour’s macaw that was incredibly loud!

As I aged, my room lost its dinosaur string lights and bunk bed (complete with slide and a play area underneath) and I traded it for dark green walls, red curtains and custom cherry-stained furniture our family friends made for me on my 13th birthday. The old wood-paneled, bunny-eared TV was replaced by a bigger, more modern one, and my Nintendo64. That room saw lots of firsts and good memories, from the time my mom hung $100 1-dollar bills on string across my room on 16th birthday, to losing my virginity on prom night, to endless nights spent laughing with friends and the nights as a kid my dad would tuck me in and watch TV with me til I fell asleep.

But aside from the memories, what I loved most about my room was the view. It faced north, which gave me wonderful (albeit indirect) light, and I would stare out thinking one day I’d live up North (surprise surprise!). It was my ‘piece of sky’ as Barbra sang in Yentl. I miss it sometimes.
What was your childhood bedroom like? Did it overlook your backyard, or the street? The house behind yours, or a wide open field? I think our bedrooms say a lot about ourselves as adults, and our bedrooms as children have a lot to do with how we grow up, too. We may outgrow it and move on, but it says with us in a way, whether we know it or not.

My new bedroom is, I think, bigger than that childhood bedroom. And certainly bigger than the two rooms that came before it. And while the view ain’t bad, I just have a different piece of sky, and I wonder who is making memories in my old room now.

// Riverview, Florida. January 2012


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