Today I am content, happy, and thankful. It’s a gorgeous – stunning – day here in New York, a balmy 63 degrees in late February. Quite unusual but most welcomed! The breeze is strong, the skies are clear, and I’m drinking a smooth pint of Smithwick’s at the Irish pub near my house. I’m not even wearing a jacket today.

Last night was a wonderful evening of friends, fun, good food, drinks and dancing. It also felt like my old life and new life came together for one happy evening, melding together and everything was alright.

My best friend was in town which alone made me happy and excited; but I also got to meet a close person from his life, who’s wonderful, and he got to meet some of the close people in mine. Life and geography has distanced us but we are still close. No matter where we go, we will always know where each other came from and what we went through. We both saw snippets of the lives we’ve built for ourselves in our respective homes and I think we have both done pretty damn well.

On this beautiful day I say thanks for where I am. I also try to remember that despite all the stress and crazy twists and turns life has thrown at me, that I have made it here on my own accord; I have fought for this, I have worked for this, and I am enjoying this.

I took a nice long walk to enjoy the day. I had hoped to stop by Rue La Rue cafe, the new Rue McClanahan (Blanche from Golden Girls) themed cafe by my house; but alas, there was a liiiiine out that door! Next time. I moved on to the 191st Street Station on the 1, which sports a long tunnel adorned with commissioned murals, art and graffiti in an effort to make it more inviting. It was perfect New York- bright, loud, expressive, a little scary, and so very cool. Nearby the tunnel lies the perfectly-perched Fort Tryon Park, home of the Cloisters and some of the best vistas in Manhattan. As I sat on a bench in the fort itself, overlooking the Hudson and the Palisades of New Jersey beyond, I thought of the Native Americans who once called this home; I thought of the Revolutionaries who built the Fort and the English who conquered it. I took deep breaths, felt the wind rush over me, and settled into a state of calmness.

For this brief moment, life is easy.


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