Here & There


I’m not sure why I was so surprised, or what I was expecting. But Texas certainly lives up to it’s reputation. Yes, everything is big (the houses, the roads, the cars, people’s hair – even my salad). Yes, it is definitely ‘country western’ out there, and they are damn proud of it. No, I don’t think they were ready for me, short little me, with bug-eyed glasses and my shirt unbuttoned much too low. I might not have been the first gay person these Texans saw, but I was a little off the deep end for them, I think.

Then again, my best friend Cor – whom I was visiting – was looking pretty fabulous himself; he always does. Perhaps it wasn’t a look of awe from the locals, but more like, ‘oh look, they’re multiplying.’ We look a lot alike sometimes – especially when we don’t mean to – although Cor always wins, as he looks way more put-together at any given moment. Aside from just looking fabulous, we had a fabulous weekend, filled with eventful moments, friends, lots of laughs, and even more drinks. Dallas may not be my choice of a tourist destination, but it was a grand weekend and one I think we all needed.


There has been a glaring lack of posts this month and I do apologise; but aside from my recent trip to Dallas, work has kept me insanely busy, as have social engagements and just plain life. As the title of this blog suggests, I have definitely been ‘here and there.’

Don’t worry, I’ve been snapping away and quite frankly, been on a pretty good roll. I suggest you check out my IG, @eagleeyeaugie for more. Keep an eye out here, too, as I plan on writing much more this month!

// Dallas, Texas, 24 April 2017


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