Part 1: Reconnecting

WOW! Guys, I am so sorry – where has the time gone? Over a month without a post, or a fabulous picture? I’m such an ass, I’m sorry. Life has got me busy, to say the least.

Between work, social life, and some major travels, I’ve been having a blast but left with little time for writing. Don’t fret, though – I’ve been taking plenty of photos.

I’ve just returned from my very first overseas trip. Yup – at nearly 27, I have finally traveled out of the country. I know, I know – sounds insane, right? Nope, never had spring break in Mexico, or tagged along with my friends to PR (does that even count if I did?), and never have I been to Niagra Falls and crossed into Canada. So where did I go? Well… I’ll leave that surprise for the forthcoming posts, with some musings on each location.

A third will follow shortly as well, as it’s the close of Pride Month and I had a wonderful Pride experience this year (no more getting blackout drunk before 8pm and waking up at the end of the train line!).

My apologies again for the radio silence… but in return, we’re cranking it up to 11.


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